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African Youth Alliance Releases Impact Evaluation

Main Notes on YRH Policy


October 2, 2007

Noted by Jim Rosen


The African Youth Alliance (AYA) impact evaluation, now available in an end of program report (693kb), is a significant addition to the body of knowledge on the effectiveness of youth reproductive health programs.


Rarely has the YRH community seen an effort of the scale of AYA, carried out in Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. The $50 million multicomponent program ran from 2000 to 2005 and was funded primarily by the Gates Foundation. Was AYA effective? As for many of the well-evaluated YRH efforts, the answer is a qualified “yes.”


In addition to the impact evaluation, the AYA partners, in a separate 2006 report (353kb), assessed how the project might have influenced the policy environment in each country, for example, by fomenting positive changes in national laws and policies A unique and detailed results framework allowed evaluators to measure progress in the policy arena.


I was still disappointed, however, to see that the policy work did not undergo the same rigorous impact evaluation that other project components did (see the previous Note on evaluation of policy interventions).


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Last Updated: Oct 2, 2007

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